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Whistle Pig | The Boss Hog 六: The Samurai Scientist

Whistle Pig | The Boss Hog 六: The Samurai Scientist

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This premium Straight Rye Whiskey has been crafted using the traditional method of koji fermentation. The label of each bottle pays homage to Jōkichi Takamine, also known as The Samurai Scientist, who introduced koji fermentation to the American whisky industry more than a century ago. The whiskey is bottled at a strength of 120-122 proof after being aged in barrels.

On the nose, the whiskey offers a captivating aroma of cinnamon, maple, and toasted marshmallow, which intensifies over time. The palate is equally impressive, with distinct notes of tobacco, ginger, baking spices, and savory umami, resulting in a refined and sophisticated profile. The whiskey's gentle sweetness enhances the diverse range of flavors, making it a truly exquisite drinking experience.



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