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Whistle Pig | 21yr The Beholden

Whistle Pig | 21yr The Beholden

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Gaze upon a whiskey renowned for its singularity, born from distilleries with a rich history, absolved from obsolescence, and committed to ushering in a new era of Single Malt. It's an unprecedented age, indebted to its heritage yet bound only by the limitless possibilities of creation.

The Béhôlden stands as North America's first super-aged Single Malt, maturing for more than double the time of any other on the continent. Over 21 years in American Oak, it acquires the deep essence of maple and dried fruit, layered upon a foundation of bready, nutty notes. A finishing touch in WhistlePig Rye barrels infuses savory spice and subtle smokiness, a revolution for adventurous palates.

Within our Spring 2023 release, you'll find merely 18 barrels of this extraordinary Single Barrel, bottled at 92 proof. It represents the holy grail of American Single Malt, a treasure trove for those who seek exceptional whiskey.



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