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I.W Harper | 15 Year Bourbon

I.W Harper | 15 Year Bourbon

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. The distinguished I.W. Harper 15 Year Bourbon has a prestigious lineage dating back to the 1800s, reflecting its top-tier quality. After aging for fifteen years, this exceptional bourbon develops a complex and sophisticated flavor profile. Produced by the esteemed I.W. Harper Distillery, the whiskey skillfully blends caramel, oak, and spice notes for a harmonious taste experience. Its luxurious smoothness elevates every sip, embodying a sense of opulence. Rare and highly sought-after, I.W. Harper 15 Year Bourbon is a valuable addition to any collection. Whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or in a classic cocktail, this bourbon is certain to enchant even the most discerning whiskey aficionados.No engraving option available



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