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Blantons | Gold Takara Edition | Bourbon Whiskey

Blantons | Gold Takara Edition | Bourbon Whiskey

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750 ml Blanton's Gold Takara Edition is a rare and highly desired variation of the popular Blanton's Gold bourbon, crafted by the renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery. This special edition is a result of a collaboration between Buffalo Trace and Takara Shuzo, a prestigious Japanese distillery known for its exceptional spirits.

Distinguished by its extended aging period of at least 6 years and a higher proof than the original Blanton's Gold, this edition offers a captivating flavor profile. With delightful notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and a subtle touch of spice, it provides a rich and complex taste experience.

The Blanton's Gold Takara Edition boasts distinctive packaging, featuring an eye-catching gold label and a uniquely designed bottle stopper. Its visually appealing presentation adds an extra allure to this remarkable whiskey, making it an exquisite addition to any whiskey aficionado's collection.

Due to its limited production and overwhelming demand, locating a bottle of Blanton's Gold Takara Edition can be challenging, often commanding a premium price. Whiskey enthusiasts and collectors highly regard this special release for its rarity and exceptional quality, making it a prized gem within the world of bourbon



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