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Blanton’s | Polish Edition - TOPBOURBON

Blanton’s | 2018 Polish Edition

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Reserved exclusively for the Polish retail market as a limited-edition annual release, Blanton's M&P Exclusive 2018 Poland Edition Single Barrel Bourbon is one of the rarest, most sought after bourbon whiskeys in circulation, and arguably Blanton's most stunning and aesthetic label. Bottled at a higher proof than the standard Original Single Barrel, the 2018 M&P Poland Edition weighs in at a slightly punchier 100 proof, bringing additional depth and complexity to the iconically smooth and subtle flavors of Blanton's flagship bourbon. A truly remarkable collector's item and a bottle that will truly steal the show whenever it leaves its place at the very top of the top-shelf, Blanton's 2018 Poland Edition is one of the holy grails for connoisseurs of limited edition bourbon whiskey.


*Although not common, wax may crack during shipping causing minor leakage.


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